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Art & Music Show!

I've been back in my hometown of San Jose CA for almost a year and celebrating at The Elegant Pub May 20th 2023 / 5 Bands / 1 Writer / 9 Artists / $5 / 18+

Community Spread, a folky sound out of Benicia will kick the show off at 8pm

Domino will be playing solo and displaying her art. Her San Jose based indie, punk sounds can be heard around 9pm

Critical Response will be firing up their Santa Cruz based Punk Rock around 10pm

F.U.X. an old school thrash band out of Salinas will keep the mosh going around 11pm

Joseph Demaree and the Palace of Fine Arts will be jamming their heavy beats and fairy tale grooves at the stroke of Midnight

In between sets Rich Jung will captivate the audience with story time

Jinx Gato, Domino, Raymond Rubianes, Jere Avila, Chris Carrillo, Paco Excel, David Larimore, Noggin Mojica & Joseph Demaree will all have prints and original artwork available. All artists are San Jose locos ;)

My Mom might even be dressed up as Elvis, working the door!

So come early and stay late, listen to some tunes and enjoy the art. All friendlies welcome. Check the bad attitudes at the door and get your art and music on with us!!!

But wait, there's more!

I was so thrilled to host this show that I compiled three tracks from each act and two artworks from each artist and it's free to download so check it out!

Let us know you're coming and invite friendlies by joining the FB Event

Joseph Demaree and the Palace of Fine Arts have been jamming and made a new album that releases May 5th 2023

This demo jam was recorded off the fly to capture some of the hikes off trail that Joe and Paco have been playing with. All songs also have music videos. Free to listen and watch, $5 to download.

Join us for the albums release and video premier May 5th at Midnight. We can send each other emojis and make fun of silly whatevers. Click on this link and join the viewing party!

It's quite possible Joseph Demaree and the Palace of Fine Arts will be playing Winters Tavern in Pacifica this Saturday April 29th.

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