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Welcome Back!


Welcome Back! is a comedy, variety show created by Joseph Demaree and friends that aired on CreaTV in San Jose CA 2010-2011. Welcome Back!'s host's Dorris and The Poon take the viewer on a psychedelic roller coaster of goofball jokes and disturbing realities. Inside of the meaning of the meaning an artistic perspective slips on philosophical buffoonery. Entertaining entertainment! The show landed Joe on the cover of the San Jose Metro newspaper with the caption "Worst Show On TV!". Demaree, Muller & O’Donnell knew they were definitely making progress.

Episode 23: Communication

Episode 25: The Games We Play

Episode 17: Mirage

Interview with Jason Biggers

Episode 24: Power Of The Mind

Episode 26: Behind The Curtain

Episode 27: Placing Placement

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