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Palace of Fine Arts - Along The Way


Joseph Demaree - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Paco Excel - Drums

Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Joseph Demaree.
Recorded Aug 18 - Nov 13 2023 at Office Space Jams in San Jose CA.

Palace of Fine Arts have been playing out and recording in the Bay Area of CA as a duo with Paco on drums for the past couple years. This is their third release together. The first was Joseph Demaree "Release Me" and then Joseph Demaree and the Palace of Fine Arts "Demo Jams with Paco". Paco is a tattoo and graphite artists living in Pacifica CA. Palace of Fine Arts recently has a new bass player, Oscar Padilla. We look forward to playing out and recording as a three piece soon. Two of the songs off "Along The Way" can be found on the Compilation - California Blood Lightning.

When We Last Made Love by Palace of Fine Arts

The Garden by Palace of Fine Arts

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