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Release Me


All Songs by Joseph Demaree except "Cowboys Heaven" by Gene Autry & "Blues Stay Away From Me" by The Delmore Brothers. 

Joseph Demaree - Vocals, Guitar, Drums (1,2,4-7), Harmonica, Recording, Mixing, Art & Layout. 

Paco Excel - Drums (3,8,9). 

John Blatchford - Pedal Steel, Keys & Recording of these instruments. 

Ray Stevens II - Bass (1,4-7). 

Matt Viscovich - Bass (2,3,8,9) & Guitar (9). 

Janel Sterbentz - Guitar/Harmonica re-mix (9). 

Recorded Jan - Nov 2019 in Watsonville, Coyote Lake, Amador City, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Union City, & San Francisco CA.

Joseph Demaree - Release Me


Rock and Roll, Indie Rock, Old Country, Honky Tonk, Cow Punk, Rockabilly, Alternative, Punk Rock, Psychedelic, Surrealism, Modern Art, Impressionist, Expressionism, Blues, Skateboarding, Bicycling, Traveling, Adventure, Now, what are words in Art? 

A submission and acceptance to capture a birds song. 
A refusal to backdown under pressure. 
An appreciation for natural beauty.

Available Now!

released December 27, 2019 

Release Me Preview

Independent, artistic, songwriting & sounds

Blues Stay Away From Me - Joseph Demaree & The Palace Of Fine Arts

Live at Twin Oaks Road House Nov 29 2019

Another Mans Dream

Shot by Janel Sterbentz / Green Edge Studios


Shot by Janel Sterbentz / Green Edge Studios

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