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Flying Dead Skin - Self Titled


In San Jose CA, Willow Glen suburbs, High school and skateboarding led to punk rock!

I was skating past Sal's house and he was jamming on the guitar in his garage with the door open. I walked up and we started to record songs on a boom box. I made cassette tapes and sold them at school. Ryan was interested in playing drums so I set up a band practice in my room. We tried to set the drums up on the bed. My Mom kicked us out so we went to Ryan's house, he didn't know how to play the drums yet. Andrew said he could play the drums so he jumped on the set. Sal got his cousin Rich to play bass and we started practicing at the Rock Gardens downtown. Andrew had to move to Florida with his family and Jason would take over. We played all over the bay area. This was recorded in a house and was our first time in a studio.

released January 1, 1991

Salvador Gaeta - Guitar
Rich Ancira -Bass
Jason Clark - Drums
Joseph Demaree - Vocals

Re-Mastered with BandLab

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Flying Dead Skin - Confused

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