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The Paintings of Joseph Demaree


A living American Artist caught in the dream. 


Plein Air Oil Painting


Joseph has found a passion for hiking out and capturing this worlds state of being. The wind and rain, the ever changing colors and light, the constant movment of the environment, the temperture's extremes. These challenging atmospheres continue to move Demare's adventurous spirit. 

In Studio and Live Work


In studio, Joseph continues to create an expressive and dreamy body of work. Styalized and unique to his ever growing interests within this dance of being. Demaree pushes his singular perspective beyond understandings limitless insight. These windows of imagination hold symbolic story drivin advances. Enjoy the swim. 


Comissioned Artwork


If you enjoy Joseph's style, perhaps you would like to comission a painting or drawing from the artist. Demaree has been comissioned for portraits, landscapes, tarot cards, pets, skateboard graphics, car shows, album covers, flyers, houses, geological artifacts and many other artistic, Illustrative and graphic works. 

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