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Joseph Demaree - The Invisible Hand


Recorded by Joseph Demaree in Albufeira & Armação de Pêra Portugal April 9 - 24 2020, with a Valencia acoustic guitar using BandLab on a Pixel3 phone.

All songs by Joseph Demaree with the exception of
Going Up The Country by Canned Heat
Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones

Artwork by Joseph Demaree
Oil Painting on Masonite / 10" x 7" / April 12 2020 / Painted in Albufeira Portugal.
Prints available:

Available Now!

released April 27, 2020

Comes with Bonus feature PDF Pen & Ink drawing and a $5 discount towards a Dragon Rider T-Shirt, created by Joseph Demaree.

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Floating On A Breath / Shot by Janel Sterbentz / GreenEdge Studios

Within A Clear Lake / Shot by Janel Sterbentz / GreenEdge Studios

Shattered Castles / Created by Joseph Demaree & Janel Sterbentz

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