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TGSM July Tour & New Paintings

I've been painting en plein air while traveling and have just posted three new paintings. Two of Kaipapa'U on O'ahu Hawaii and my most current of Lake Mendocino CA. Please take a look and send a hello if interested in owning an original.

Lake Mendocino CA during sunset

I have finalized my tour and relocation from Portland OR to Los Angeles CA. I'm looking forward to sunny days and friendly smiles again:)! I hope you can make it to one of my upcoming shows.

The Great Smoking Mirror

July 2018 Tour

5: Pacifica CA / Winters Tavern / 9pm / with: Kiss From A Rose, Mid-Morning Riser / 1522 Francisco Blvd

6: San Francisco CA / Revolution Cafe / 5 - 8:30 pm / 3248 22nd St

7: Oroville CA / The Spirit / 7pm / with: Kiss From A Rose, Mucid, Mr Bang / $5 / BYOB / 2360 Oro Quincy

8: Paso Robles CA / Sculpterra Winery / Songwriters at Play / 1-4pm, I play at 3pm / 5015 Linne Rd

9: Morro Bay CA / Morro Bay Wine Seller / Songwriters at Play / 6:30 - 9pm, I play at 6:50pm / 601 Embarcadero # 5

12: North Hollywood CA / Republic of Pie / 6pm / 11118 W Magnolia Blvd

13: Los Angeles CA / Bar 20 on Sunset located in the Grafton Hotel / Acoustic Set / Surge Event / 8:30 - 9pm / 21+ / 8462 W. Sunset Blvd / Dress Code - No shorts, tank tops, jerseys, flip flops, bandanas or baseball caps

14: Anaheim CA / World Famous Doll Hut / 4:45pm / 107 S Adams St

15: Los Angeles CA / Tygers Den / 6pm / 4430 Fountain Ave

20: Spring Valley CA / The Bancroft Bar / With: Corre Diablo, Nobody But You, Two Reverends One Sinner / 9143 Campo Rd 91977 / 21+ / 8:30pm

24: San Diego CA / Nate’s Garden Grill / 6-8pm / 3120 Euclid Ave

27: San Diego CA / Navajo Live / With: Ronnie Lee, The Rough / 8pm / 8515 Navajo Road

Listen to

The Great Smoking Mirror

Take a look at

Joseph Demaree's Art

The un-relentless struggle for a master as I.

Can you spare any change fine people:)

The Great Smoking Mirror - Endless Art & Music Tour

The Music and Art of Joseph Demaree

Demaree’s music is a lucid, story driven,stripped down, unique, expression, rooted in rock. With lush guitar sounds and smooth vocal stylings the artist steps out of the way for the song and the story to reflect inspiration within the imagination.

Joseph’s artwork is a colorful capture of landscapes, still life’s, abstractions, and dream oriented paintings in oil, mixed media and pen & Ink. Brought up on the early Surrealists, Skateboarding, Marvel Comics & Punk Rock, Demaree’s current work dives into the now with a firm study of the then. His current interest paints along side Van Gough & Sings along with the Billie Holiday and The Ink Spots.

If needing classification, The Great Smoking Mirror is a Surreal Indie Rock experience.

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