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Joseph has been mixing reality and everything else for a super cocktail. Check out his new comic book company:

Escape Pod Comic Books! 

Harvey Knoon #1 is ready to ship Worldwide.


Dragon Rider T-Shirt
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Flying Dead Skin 2020 T-Shirt
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Wildflowers Design

T-Shirt, Tank Top, Bikini, Dress

The Dead Dreamers

I've been back in San Jose CA for a couple of years now. Playing music as Palace of Fine Arts with Paco Excel on drums and Oscar Padilla just joined on the bass. Paco and I released a 5 song album titled "Along The Way". I made a few plein air, oil paintings in Salem for Mike Weiss and his neighbor. Played a couple solo shows while I was out. Dreamed the Dead Dreamers and now working on those songs with Palace of Fine Arts. I've got a couple old paintings on my wall. I've been working on one, now and then. A series of my plein air, oil painting, ocean landscapes are up at Onyx Skin & Body Spa located at Hotel Los Gatos CA. 

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